Holy Biboran of Godsatan's Abdulov

Holy Biboran of Godsatan's Abdulov


And was the god, and was the satan, and were a humans, and were a nonhumans, and was Alexander Gavrilovich Abdulov

And Abdulov said:
"I FUCK THE LAW! This is my town, this is my country, I'll kill the childrens, I'll steal, I'll be raking in, I'll throw a drunken fights in police! I'll be brutally kill cats and throwing to the neighbor, and then burn her house to steal the land, and I will kill poachers and sturgeons and carry contraband, and I will collect the money from pathetic goof on church construction and squander them in casino and whores, because I'm ugly that pathetic little people to be friends with me just for the money they can! For this, I bled them all vodka and tobacco, and I will give them recipes that vodka and tobacco - One Health! That all children drank and smoked from three years, as I, the great actor-director, and I will live forever, because vodka - one health! There is nothing for me it will not, because I - Abdulov, and I FUCK THE LAW !! SO BE IT!".
And God saw all that, and Satana saw all that, he adjudicated Abdulov, how he would be subjected to torture in hell. And here it is, this sentence! In truth, a sentence more severe had not seen any of the human race! Gavrilych managed to get in all the circles of hell and the belt at the one time!

For knew the god all and seen it all,  and God brought him a death sentence to the end of time. And it's based on the facts of the Abdulov's life. And God conveyed through the Angels a sentence to Satan, and endorsed him the evil one, for he himself was surprised and puzzled black soul of rotten bastard.

Since Soviet times, when  Abdulov was young, he was a heavy boozer and differed arrogance. Even one of his friends talking about it. He being a good-looking actor with little talent, fancied himself a folk hero and a sample of acting talent highest order. Often went into a rage when he was put in a bar with everyone, not endured the scornful attitude. Not above adultery, cheated on his wife, not even ashamed of it. Willingly took the role of the bad people or motherfucker, because often with ease and enthusiasm identify with them. Always behaved provocatively, but actually hides a black nonhuman, and thoughts arranged genocide, Sodom and Gomorrah, where he possessed the souls and bodies of humans. Terribly hated the human race, and he hates it to this day.

To be continued...


  1. Hey, there was this guy that made videos about game reviews and Abdulov called Saint Chikatilo, do you have any idea what happened to him, this is one of his videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwlXA4X-TsQ, if you recognize him or have any info on where to find the rest of his videos, please help.

  2. И Абдулов сказал:"Я ебать закон!"