Abdulov's House of Art

The people knows - we making the art work. It's our music - hip hop, dubstep, electronic, pop and church choir. Now it just as amoteur, but we don't stop to do it, and soon, may be we can make some noise with Skrillex or create a new way in world music scene! So just as we do the art work. We creatind and drawing Abduloicons and backgrounds.



You can print the icons and depond every where you want. You can do it in your school, you can depond it on your stupid class door, and when someone ask you - "why did you do that", say them ANSCHA ABDUL! And they're can't say something to you, because Abduloreligion is not a satanism. We're not killing the people and we're not the terrorists! We have a right to be, and laws must protect us as a Islam, Christianity, Buddism and other religions!

Abdulov's music

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