About Abduloreligion

Anscha Abdul brother! You got on dedicated blog page about Abduloreligion!

 It will help you understand us, read and see Biboran awards Abduloadepts and pray to Godsatan Abdulov.
 If you are not  Abdulov's church adept and don't know what is the Abduloreligion mean and what we do, then you need here and here. Of corse you need the translator, but we working on it.

And i know, all people thinking - we're satanic cult, trolls and 4chan residents. I answer - NO! In fact:

1.We are not a troll, rather we Society of social anger, we both together and individually, as the neurons of the brain.

 2.Abdulov never been a great actor, he was a nasty creature that is described in Biboran. Or watch the documentary "Саша Абдулов — Народный артист" where his "friend" tells what it was in reality.

 3.We are not Satanists, on the contrary, we are destroying the remnants of the spirit of Satan on the earth, for it is written in Biboran.

Reasons for joining in Abduloreligion:

 1.Reasons for joining described in Biboran, but if you still don't understand why, let us discuss a quote from Biboran for more info:
"But for that to be motivated in abdulov adepts believe in me I will give them one chance to avoid the torture of hell for 10 000 years, and more than that I will give them a place in hell with them where they can brutally kill the cats and sturgeon daily for 40 catsturgeon get them!" - a quotation from the Holy Biboran.

 In this passage speaks of how Godsatan Abdulov invented motivation for joining the Abduloreligion.

 2. Abduloreligion sense that would punish the evil. If you want to punish evil (pedophiles, those who grift people for dollars, and the rest of the evil), then join the Abdulovreligion.

 3.If you want to help  us, we don't need money, you can just help evolve Abdulovreligion just placing a link in your profile. We are not asking you for money, and with no promise of wealth in heaven, we promise you no torture in Abdulov's Hell!

 4. Our adepts make modifications for games and release dozens of daily clips on Youtube. If you want to produce videos about Abdulovreligion and make modifications to the topic, then join to the Abdulovreligion.

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