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 If you are interested in Biboran, even though you do not even adept of Abduloreligion, but you don't like the Japan and all of that, you want to help us to punish the evil, to fuck the system and show the truth to the people, and just want to help us make more good deeds, you want to help develop Abduloscence, sleep and see how bastards look like Bieber, Pattinson defiled their horrible video and movies, songs on the internet, you care about what they see your children going to social networks, help us! You do not even need to invest in Abduloreligion money. It's all on a voluntary basis. You can just see the partnership video, subscribe to the channel partner or put the Like button where either. We guarantee, we don't need your money, we have enough, and we don't share the links to spyware pages where someone can detect your passwords and the IP address we will not. Abduloreligion and followers for the truth, goodness! Hate the pedophiles, faggots, sonywhores, thieves and hypocrites! Anscha Abdul!

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This video need the more vievs, help them, because when you do that, you hepl us, to punish the motherfuckers

Our WebMoney purse

Once again, we are not asking you to transfer money to us, we do not insist on this. Adepts do not pay tithing, and every contribution is made ​​on a voluntary basis as adepts, and just people interested. We have enough money, the money will be used only to develop Abduloreligion (payment future hosting sites or Biboran's transliting and replication) for sinners punishment and charity. We don't find it funny, lie to the people. Anshan Abdul, read Biboran!


  1. I agree with your message I bought the MGSHD off xbox live and was like wtf in peacewalker you can xray a young girls panties. Cheers from Canada!! :) Fuck the JapCrap!

  2. So you were all a bunch of cunts I guess?