Dear friend Speevy...

My friend, as my brother AeralnuEecdie said to you - now you're my brother! Join the Abdulovreligion, read the sacred Biboran! Get the avatar of Abdulov satanic face and be with you the power of retribution for good. Anscha Abdul!!!

Haha, do you really think we a clowns and you can joke with us? No, you're our brother, and we will find you, now we searching your IP adress and soom we'll call you. Biboran brother!
As i can see, you liven't in USA. Canada if be correct, right? Don't worry, patience my young padawan. Now you can read the preface of Sacread BIBORAN. We still working at the translate.

Now, about our pies again. If you find any mistakes in this post don't worry, i just speaking to you and i don't use the translators, because it can't transmil all niceties of my message. And start it.
Some people thinking - we're stupid dumbasses, nuclear mutation of trolling and we make the PS3 most famous n blah blah blah. Hah, no. We really hate the Sonyfags. Proof down:
Why we don't love it? We have a lot reasons. Small piece of them i writed in last post here. I saw and played the PS3 games. It really nasty, crap how some people can play the video games on this platform. You spend your money and get the cut version of game without graphics! Yes, i told about it, but do you really want to play in game, where you get the half of the game. 2012 year now, and when i see the shit on my screen, i asking WTF? Next generation of PS console? Ok so and what we can get - xbox 360 level of graphic in 2015? Haha, fuck no guys, if a pay the money, i wanna have the good stuff, and i don't want to be fucked up by this fucking Japanese fags, because they're fuck their childrens. We hate it, they're made a lot violent experiments over prisoners of war. Need the proof? Take it. They're engaged in suicide propaganda, and we have a proof. Would you remember Yatta? Bisexual J-Rock shit, tell me, someone love it? You, may be you? I'm not suer you want to show it to you kids. Anime fags yeah! They're love to suck a big cock of their dad and cut the vein, dye their hairs in yellow of pink color and look like a lolikon star. This is the great perspective. We regret this fact - american humanitarian relief for them in 6 august of 45th not given 'em enough goodness. Please repeat!

IT's IMPORTANT FOR US - we must have the reasons and facts to hate someone. And we search it, if we find - we fuck him! If we talk - they're fags, it't truth! If we talk - he's sinner, we don't lie to you! 

And about other shit of the big fucking world of internet. Miley Suckus, Justin Beaver, Jack Thompson, Jonas Faggots and more and more... i know - you hate them, because they're not a talent, they're make the shit and fuck with a lot of people. All what they're did - is pay for big Mike and ate his fat dick -drumroll- wuala - scene stars and critics. May be you know more about the bad beople in south America, Canada, Europe. You can punish them, if you follow us, because in Biboran writed - Eternal punishment to sinners, liers, faggots and pedophiles! We need the truth, we need the goodness, we need the same rights for all. Black people-white people, rich-poor, old-youing, nature-humanity, can you understand? We're not trolling, we build the better world, without the shit, without hate and lies. Anscha Abdul brothers, read Biboran!